Crystal Bed

The Crystal bed has seven remarkably clear and precisely hand-carved Quartz Brazilian Crystals. Specialised crystals are directed into client Chakras above him about 12 cm, while lying in a bed. A wonderful treatment for de-stressing and calming, this light bed can also be used to bring about a deep meditative state.
Each Crystal works with one of the seven human energy Chakra’s centres. Colourful lights, chosen to represent the colour of the Chakras, spread the light and energy through the crystals into every centre and clean, even and settle the energy ‘running’ through the body. The Light therapy also works to treat the emotional disorders and some people received help with insomnia. By cleaning and settling the chakras you can treat all of the illnesses, as well as to even the body energy for better wellbeing. Each person is affected unequally by the crystal bed. The treatment can be in different levels including physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. The effect is a feeling of deep peace and calm which allows the energy body to align and balance itself.

The crystal bed can also be used to strengthen the bond with Spiritual energy. Many clients who have used it feel “Light, Spacey and Extremely Relaxed” after a session. Many say they feel the sensation of being worked on by spirit. Some float back into past lives, and others astral travel. People who experienced the crystal bed therapy have commented to experience:

  • They felt the flooded energy
  • Entered into a very strong comfort and harmony state
  • The body felt slightly tickled
  • Felt tension the problem areas
  • After session felt self-realisation
  • Received answer to their important questions
  • Found out the reasons for their diseases or a way to treat it

Due to the beneficial stimulation of the immune system, Crystal Light Therapy improves and alleviates a range of physical and psychological conditions and is recommended within the framework of Anti-Aging and longevity.

The crystal bed treatment has a very strong effect on person energy. In the session the client has to keep closed eyes, lay calmly, listen to music or if preferred to sleep. The recommended times for session are 20, 30, 40 or60 minutes.

The therapy can be done every day with a gap of no less than 24 hours.

The first session cannot be longer than 30 minutes.

The effects of crystal bed are absolutely safe. No specific requires need to be done before session, just need to be calm and relaxed, do not start the session with negative thoughts.

After the therapy it is recommended to keep the calm, stay alone.

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