LPG Lipomassage at Temptation Studio

💥 Lipo M6 machine, specially created to shape an aesthetic and slender body. This is the first in the world patented Lipomassagе technology.

💥 At the heart of this revolutionary method is skin manipulation through a system of electronically controlled rollers, deep vacuum and aspiration aiming to activate venous and lymphatic circulation, nutrient metabolism, and toxin removal.
💥 In result of setting the natural process of excessive fat burning and the oxygen flow in motion, the cotaneous and connective tissue are restructured and the muscles are passively trained. Body is toned, contoured and tightened, measurements are visibly decreased, elasticity and skin tone restored.
💥 Protocol requires 2-3 therapies per week, minimum 15-20 procedures in total. After completion of the course, maintenance of 1 course per week or in a bigger interval.
💥 All treatments are carried out by a fully qualified LPG Endermologie Therapist
💥 After a free consultation with our specialist, an individual program is prepared for every client.

*Results may vary depending on individual

LPG Body Treatments

  • Realese Fat
  • Smooth Cellulite
  • Firm the skin
  • Lighten legs

LPG Body Treatments

Super Value: Save £15 per treatment with a course of 20 each session lasts 45min

1 Treatmen8 Treatments20 Treatments
£55+ 2 FREE £440 £800