COVID-19 Prevention Plan

Safety & Virus Prevention Plan
July, 2020 for Temptation Studio Limited


1. All Temptation Studio Limited employees/self-employees have taken an infection control training course to enhance and further their knowledge of bacteria, viruses and sanitation.

2. Our staff have been given a detailed infection control plan including PPE to wear during services and while on studio premises, ensuring the 2m social distancing (2m, or 1m with risk mitigation where 2m is not viable).

3. We have posted signage at the front desk, as well as the hairdressing area and bathrooms reminding clients, guests and employees the importance of hygiene standards such as hand washing, sanitizer, wiping down all areas, covering coughs, and hands-off policies unless in a treatment setting.

4. Provide warm verbal welcomes without handshake or hugs.

5. Magazines will not be offered.

6. Music will be turned down low so that people do not end up shouting to one another, which increases the risk of transmitting the virus.

7. Avoid offering refreshments other than water through a cooler and dispenser with single use cups and bin provided.

8. We will do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through in studio safety practices and in our communication to clients of online bookings, phone calls, text messages, and/or email prior to appointments. We are using online booking system – Treatwell.

9. Encouraging clients to arrive at the time of their scheduled appointment.

10. We will pre-screen clients and employees for sickness and contact with confirmed COVID-19 cases with a questionnaire prior to scheduled appointment. (If the client has any of the symptoms, however mild, they should stay at home and reschedule their appointment).
11. We will maintain physical distancing in common areas. All employees are required to wear masks/face shield in common areas. We require service providers to wear masks/face shield.

12. We will recommend clients in high-risk, vulnerable groups not get treatments.

13. At client and employee arrival, we will provide a temperature reading with a non-contact infrared thermometer/temperature gun and will offer clients hand sanitizer and an optional mask (to purchase) entering the studio.

14. Customers can choose to wear a face covering if they wish to but this is not mandatory.

15. We will ask clients to use hand sanitizer upon arrival, then go to the bathroom to wash their hands prior to going into the treatment room.

16. We will use disposable equipment where possible, but will wash non-disposable equipment such as scissors between each client.

17. Hairdressing chairs will be sanitised after each use, disposable gowns and disposable towels will be provided.

18. Our beds will only have fresh laundered sheets or disposable covers and we will discontinue blanket use.

19. We always clean and disinfect our sun beds after each use, we will now ensure to thoroughly clean and disinfect all buttons, handles, door-knobs and light switches, seats, shelves and products in our cabins also. Disinfectant and paper towels will as always, be available for customer use if you would prefer to clean the bed yourself as well beforehand. Please DO NOT apply hand sanitiser to a sunbed acrylic – this will damage it.

20. Staff will ask of you to take the first available bed this is to reduce the waiting time between customers. If you would rather wait for a particular bed to be free, there is no issue although we kindly ask you to wait anywhere outside the studio and to arrive on time for your session.

21. We ask customers to arrive unaccompanied as we will only allow up to 2-3 customers to wait inside the studio at a time to avoid congregation and respect social distancing.

22. We are reminding clients who are accompanied by children that they are responsible for supervising them at all time and should follow social distancing guidelines.

23. Our cancellation policy will be waved over the next 60 days while we and our clients adjust to our new normal and to ensure clients do not come in sick.

24. Our employees will be changing into their uniform and work shoes once they have arrived at the studio and had their temperature checked.

25. At the end of their shift, our employees will change out of their uniform and work shoes followed by the uniform being properly washed and disinfected.

26. Clients finished with their treatments will be guided to when we can properly check them out. They will remain in the treatment room until reception is ready.

27. All treatment rooms will have a required disinfection time, so they are properly wiped down and thoroughly disinfected between every client.

These new measures do need your support to ensure you are able to continue to enjoy your beauty/tanning experience with us.
Thank you for your cooperation and we hope to see you soon!