Sunrise 488

The Sunrise 488 Dynamic Power is the best from the series of Sunrise by Ergoline. The new technology lamps provide high quality tanning session!

How does it work?

  • Enjoy your favourite songs by connecting your smartphone or Mp3 to the Sunrise 488 3D Sound.
  • For ultimate relaxation enjoy fragranced air with Aqua fresh and make your tanning session more luxury.
  • Your tanning session will be supported with Voice Guide.For best comfort the silent cooling will ventilate the body through your tanning making sure your ultimate comfort achieved.

The Benefits of tanning

  • The light in the sunbed will strengthen the immune system as will provide you with vitamin D like real sun would.
  • The light will give energy and strength and will increase the happiness hormone production known as endorphin!
  • Younger and blemish free looking skin.
  • EThe sunbed lights are designed to protect from harmful light which is believed to be better when tanning in real sun.

Packages and prices

Package ValuePrice
60min £54.00
90min £72.00

Minute price £1.00