The Sun Angel

The Sun Angle sunbed is the latest and the most advanced sunbed in the world produced by Ergoline. It is the only sunbed that will adjust to your skin type preventing the risk of burning or over exposure at the same time making sure you are evenly tanned all over your body!

How does it work?

  • The Sun Angel sunbed is unique with its scanner used to analyse clients’ skin before session. This allows it to calculate the tanning programme specifically for your skin type!
  • The scanner takes into account your skin colour and any recent UV exposure making sure your skin is safe from burning, giving you comfort and luxury of getting your perfect, natural, longer lasting tan!
  • Unlike conventional tanning machines, The Sun Angel blends the UVA and UVB by increasing or decreasing it according to your skin!
  • You can control the UV output to the face unlike any other sunbed, also consisting of neck and shoulder tanners for absolutely perfect results and even tan.
  • Sun Angles has a voice guide to lead you through this experience in a large-format body shape acrylic ensuring comfortable and relaxing tanning. While tanning you can also control the air-conditioners to maintain preferred temperature.
  • Maximise the comfort with 3D-sound system just by playing your favourite songs from your smartphone.
  • Sun Angel is advanced with Aqua Mist and Aroma for refreshing relaxation.

The Benefits of tanning

  • The light in the sunbed will strengthen the immune system as will provide you with vitamin D like real sun would.
  • The light will give energy and strength and will increase the happiness hormone production known as endorphin!
  • The sunbed lights are designed to protect from harmful light which is believed to be better when tanning in real sun.
  • You will get absolutely perfect, even tan specifically for your skin with Sun Angel!

Sessions and prices

Session Value PackagePrice
20min fixed session (subject to consultation) £25.00
3 session £65.00
4 session£100.00 Plus 1 FREE