Prestige 1600

The Prestige 1600 is a sunbed By Ergoline which is setting new standards in tanning with its developed Hybrid Performance and Radiance LED’s. The unique combination consists of UV and red light to deliver an attractive and long-lasting tan with simultaneous skincare.

How does it work?

  • The combination of UV light and radiance red light provides with a skincare while tanning especially in face and décolleté areas. Also smartsun Plus lamps to give the skin best results!
  • The Prestige 1600 Contains personal sun style where you can individually chose from the three tanning options of Sensitive Medium and Intensive for your desired tan!
  • Adjustable strength of facial tanner and if wished can be turned off at all or changed with UV-free use of Radiance red light for skincare effect.
  • Voice guide with 3D sounds and Bluetooth connection all in a simple to use touch screen panel for luxury comfort of your session.
  • The Prestige 1600 also contains aqua fresh and aroma for ultimate relaxation and comfort.
  • Multi relax acrylic in body shape for your comfort during your tanning session.
  • The personal information of tanning records can be stored on a customers’ card using NFC Connect allowing next visit to be quicker and easer adjusted to customers’ personal preferences.
  • A little bit of fun with a Led Light show provided by Prestige 1600!

The Benefits of tanning

  • The light in the sunbed will strengthen the immune system as will provide you with vitamin D like real sun would.
  • The light will give energy and strength and will increase the happiness hormone production known as endorphin!
  • The sunbed lights are designed to protect from harmful light which is believed to be better when tanning in real sun.
  • You will get skincare together with tanning with Prestige 1600!

Packages and prices

Package ValuePrice
60min £72.00
90min £99.00

Minute price £1.30