LPG Endermologie Cellu M6 Alliance at Temptation Studio

Alliance – Endermologie – Treatment information


Who is a good candidate for Endermologie?

💥 Anyone wanting a natural treatment for resistant fat, cellulite and skin firming.

What else can Endermologie be used for?

💥 Endermologie can be used to help relieve water retention by a process called lymphatic drainage.
💥 It can be used to relieve muscle fatigue helping candidates recover from exercise quicker.
💥 It can also be used for relaxation.

How many sessions before my client can see results for reduced fat, cellulite and skin firming?

💥 Using the latest Alliance technology, results are visible from 3 Sessions on the body and 1 session on the face.

How many sessions before my client can feel the results for water retention, muscle fatigue and relaxation?

💥 From the first session.

How many sessions are recommended?

💥 For optimal results on fat, cellulite and skin firming, a course of 10 – 12 sessions is recommended.
💥 To be carried out as follows;
💥 2/3 per week for 4 weeks
💥 After initial course;
💥 1 per month as maintenance

How can my client ensure she is getting the best results?

Ensuring the client is following a healthy diet and lifestyle whilst undergoing the treatment will optimise results. The LPG 28 day tea program and LPG 14 day Slimming program is available to help speed up the effects of the treatment. Drinking plenty (at least 2 -3 liters / day) of water to help flush the toxins through the lymphatic system more efficiently. Exercising will also help this.

Endermologie unique selling points:

💥 Endermologie is 100% natural
💥 No Chemicals
💥 Non-Invasive
💥 No Recovery Time
💥 Pain Free
💥 Stimulates dormant cells within the body to reactivate and reawake