Affinity 990

The Affinity 990 is the newest in Affinity range by Ergoline featuring Dynamic Performance Technology which guarantees a constantly high tanning performance from the first to the last minute. This gives the ultimate tanning results.

How does it work?

  • Ultra Performance Plus facial tanners including 3 UV-Spaghetti lamps in the face area ensure the ultimate in tanning efficiency.
  • A combination of special coated filter glasses and additional UV-B spaghetti lights optimise performance of tanning in 0,3.
  • Highest performance air conditioners and Comfort Cooling Plus envelopes whole body in pleasant cool air during the tanning for a comfortable and relaxing experience.
  • The Affinity 990 contains Shoulder tanners for natural and even tan for the best results.
  • The relaxing experience is maximised with Aqua fresh and aroma.
  • Led Light Show for a little bit of Fun while tanning!
  • The Affinity 990 has a Smart glass screen which its touch control and Voice guide to help you through this experience.
  • For the ultimate comfort it contains the Body shape acrylic form to make sure you rest your body.
  • Enjoy your favourite music with 3D-sound straight from your smartphone or MP3.

The Benefits of tanning

  • The light in the sunbed will strengthen the immune system as will provide you with vitamin D like real sun would.
  • The light will give energy and strength and will increase the happiness hormone production known as endorphin!
  • The sunbed lights are designed to protect from harmful light which is believed to be better when tanning in real sun.
  • The ultimate tanning strength with Affinity 990 will give strongest results!

Packages and prices

Package ValuePrice
60min £54.00
90min £72.00

Minute price £1.00